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Gedgetly a one stop shop to fix all your Apple products including iPhones , MacBooks, MacBook Air , Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iMac.ACMT certified technician here – Remain ready all the time to find the issue or damage in no time and make repairs or replacements depends upon the condition of the machine or device.

We also offer door-step pickup and delivery of any of your Apple models, parts and other accessories. And in the meantime, our technicians will take a complete review of the issue(s) caused to the models, parts or accessories to fix or replace it possibly sooner. Once the process is done and the issue is solved, you are handed over with your fully functional Apple laptop/desktop models by our dedicated to work pick & drop team.

Along with, we also deal in the issues like software, networking, hardware or others like Mac OS X kernel, defective USB ports, wireless connection problem, overheating Mac, cracked or broken screen, logic board failures, lines running across the screen, distorted video or no video or components are not working properly.

We are easy to find as you can email us or give us simply a call, the rest we will take care off. And as our honest efforts in fixing your any of the Apple laptop/desktop, parts or accessories related problems, you will get back your device with a proper and smooth functioning restored.

And against our expert services offered, we charge reasonably less. That means you can have our Apple laptop/desktop, parts and accessories repair and replacement services at very affordable prices.

We are operational within the entire region of Delhi/NCR. We provide our expert services across varying locations to the area.

So from now, if you are facing any sort of issues to your Apple laptop/desktop, parts or accessories, an Apple Service Centre. Call us now on +91-987654321 for Apple Laptop Repair and Apple Mac.